Power Semiconductors
Discrete IGBTs, IGBT Modules,Power Mosfets, Diodes, AC/DC Power Supply Control ICs, DC/DC Power Supply Control ICs
Integrated Compass Solutions
Small size axis analog magnetic sensors, Low field high precision 1-axis and 2 axis analog magnetic sensors, 3-axis Compass Modules.
Opto Semiconductors
Infrared Emitters- 810nm, 850nm, and 940nm wavelength. Silicon Photodetectors, PIN Diodes, Ambient Light Sensors and PhotoIC. Optical Sensors - Proximity and AL Sensors, SMT Reflective Sensors and Slotted Interrupters, Optical temperature sensors
Frequency Control Products
Through-hole and surface mount Crystals and Oscillators. HPXO, OCXO, TCXO,TCVCVO,VCTCXO, Tuning Fork.
DC-DC converters
Currently the world's largest supplier of DC-DC converters, reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness define Murata's offering
Microelectronics and High Temperature Semiconductors
High temperature semiconductors, Digital Microprocessors, Memories, FPGA replacement, ASICs
SRAMs, LED Driver ICs, LED Power Modules, LDOs
Fast SRAM 1M to 16M, Low power SRAM 256k to 16M, Pseudo-SRAM 16M to 64M, LED driver ICs, LED power modules, LDOs
Inclinometers, Accelerometers
Murata inclination sensors are an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments. The highest accuracy is available with SCA103T series that use differential measurement principle to compensate all common mode error and noise effects.
Embedded Modems
Telephone Line Interfaces (DAA)components.Embedded Servers and controllers. Embedded modems. High speed modems, low speed modems. Wireless Network Hub and Intelligent Transceivers
Magnetic Sensor ICs
Linear and Angle Sensor ICs, Position Sensor ICs, Speed Sensor ICs and value add assmblies