Switches & Encoders
Limit Switches, Basic Switches, Toggle Switches, Rocker Switches, Pressure Switches, Vacuum Switches, Sealed Switches, Safety Switches, Pushbutton Switches
Rocker switches, toggle switches, push button switches, vandal resistant switches slide , refrigerator switches, safety switches and rotary switches. Indicators, fuseholders and smart indicators
DIP switches, SMT switches, Rotary switches.
Mechanical and optical encoders
Low Power Consumption Fan,
Silent Fan,
DC Cooling Fan,
Counter Rotating Fan,
Splash Proof Fan,
Splash Proof Centrifugal Fan,
Oil Proof Fan,
Long Life Fan,
Centrifugal Fan,Blower,
AC Cooling Fan,
Cooling Fan Unit,
Electrolytic corrosion Proof Fan
Power Relays - 3A (4PDT), 5A (DPDT), 10A (DPDT, 4PDT) & 25A (DPST) loads, relays have 20 ms to 30 ms operate time and are vibration/shock resistant
Buzzers/Audio Indicators
Audio Indicators, Buzzers, Transducers, Sirens, Speakers, Microphones, Piezo Benders
Servo Systems
AC Servo Systems
DC Servo Systems
Closed loop Stepping Systems
5-Phase Stepping Systems
Stepping Motor with Integrated drivers
Linear Actuator Stepping Motor
2-Phase Stepping Systems
3-Phase Stepping Systems
Linear Servo Systems
Motion Controller