Fast Acting Fuses, Resettable fuses, Industrial Fuses, Automotive Fuses
Cylindrical fuses,PCB fuses, Resettable PTC fuses, Industrial fuses, Automotive fuses, fuse blocks, panel fuse holders,thermal cutoffs
Compact fast acting fuses for semiconductor device protection, cylindrical fast acting fuses (screw installation type) up to 1,000V and 800A, square body fast acting fuses up to 1500V and 1200A
Panel Meters
Digital Panel Meters, Ammeter, Frequency meters, Multimeters, Process monitors, AC, DC voltmeters
Analog Meters, Energy Meters
Enclosures & Subracks
19" SubRacks, Cases, Front Panels, Shielding Modules, Plug in Units, Customised Solutions
19" subracks, 19" cases, small form factor cases, Accessories, Front Panels, Plug-in Units and Cassettes, Mounting Hardware
Electronic Housings, Enclosures
Test & Measurement Products
Load Cells, Pressure Transducers, Torque Tansducers
OEM Scan Engines, Decoders & Modules
1D Scan Engine & Modules, 2D Scan Engine & Modules, RFID Embedded Reader Modules
Battery holders
Battery holders