RF Components
RF Filters, multiband modules,SMT and thru hole, compliant to Docsis and MoCA
Antennas, Isolators, GaAs Switch IC, RF Diode Switches, Baluns (Chip Multilayer, Wire Wound/Film type), Couplers (Chip Multilayer, Film type), Chip Multilayer Components (hybrid dividers and diplexers), High Frequency Coaxial Connectors, Thin Film Circuit Substrate "RUSUB®", Single Layer Microchip Capacitors
Wireless Power
Inductive wireless power 5w transmitter and receiver modules, 20w wireless power, embedded Power solutions
Capacitive wireless power transmission modules up to 10w
Wireless Switches & Sensors
Wireless Switches, Wireless Pressure Sensors, Operator Interface, Wireless Monitors and Receivers
LTE antenna products, WLAN antenna products, FemtoCell antenna products, Navigation antenna products, NFC antenna products
Microwave Switches, Microwave Attenuators
Microwave Switches, Microwave Attenuators
Bluetooth WiFi Modules
Bluetooth Smart Modules, Smallest size Combined Bluetooth Wifi Module
NFC modules
NFC Modules
RFID tags
RFID tags covers 2 frequency bands, UHF (865-955MHz, EPC/gC1G2) and HF band (13.56MHz, ISO15693)