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Tecate Group Expands Its PBLH™ Module Offerings for Heavy Industrial and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Markets

Tecate Group is releasing and expanding its PBLH™ module offerings with the introduction of its 54V and 18V modules. These new modules will utilize Tecate Group’s recently announced 3V TPLH™ threaded cells, which were designed for robust and demanding applications. Both of the new PBLH™ modules will support industry-leading charge/discharge performance, high reliability, and long operational life.

The 54V module (PBLH-54R0/166SD) is compact, fully integrated, and incorporates proprietary balancing, monitoring, and thermal-management capabilities. This module provides an easy-to-integrate building block for mission-critical applications where backup power is essential for continued operation or a soft shutdown in the event of power interruptions. It provides reliable, cost-effective, maintenance-free energy storage.

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