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Why Air Quality Matters

Are you concerned only about PM2.5 during the haze? Do you know Air Quality can affect our health, both physical and mental through a variety of pollutants, particulate matter, gases, chemicals and other substances?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) constitutes 0,04% of normal air, but even slightly elevated levels influence a person’s mental acuity and can cause dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and tiredness.

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds are emitted from a wide variety of household products including paints, varnishes, cosmetics, cleaning products and disinfectants. These are usually at higher concentrations indoors than outdoors and may cause eye, nose, throat irritations, nausea, damage to the liver, kidney and central nervous system.

HCHO – Formaldehyde is a colourless and strong smelling gas which is “off gassed” from pressed wood, particle board, plywood, and other manufactured furniture, carpets, insulation, glue and adhesives. It may cause watery eyes, burning in the nose and throat, coughing, whizzing, nausea, skin irritation and may be a human carcinogen

Honeywell Air Quality Monitor has 6 sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, pm2.5, CO2, TVOC and HCHO. 

Ensuring Good Quality of Air

Honeywell Air Quality Monitor

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